17 May 2013

Hanis Haizi On Capital TV

As salam haii semua....Our Mentor on Capital TV again..!!! bangganya.....kali nii bukan beliau seorang yang Live TV.....tapi..!!! jom kita tengok gambar di bawah..siapakah mereka..

Repost from My Mentor Hanis Haizi..
It was a last minute notice, but I'm so glad to be part of it together with my BFF Maisarah Ibrahim. 

We are representing our Team GLAM and also our company. 

Today was a proud day for GLAMPRENUERS 
The No. 1 team in Malaysia!

To make it even better, today another protege of mine 
CDM Adibah Karimah also appeared on the 
Utusan Malaysia! 


Premium Beautiful GLAM Utara
Eina Fazlina
Kedah,Perlis,Pulau Pinang dan Perak..

Green Leaders Academy Malaysia
019 4060742

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